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Free dateing sex sites ca7chcams.comFigure 1Begin by safely jacking up and supporting your car. With the car safely off the ground you will need to remove the engine tray red arrow and the right and left side lower wheel well panel yellow arrow. A great many of these car have had the engine trays and front side panels removed over the years and not replaced. If you happen to have a car that still has all the under trays and original hardware please see our article on under tray removalFigure 2There is no drain plug on the radiator in the GTI MkV. You will need to remove the lower radiator on the right hand side. Place a large bucket or catch tray under the right side of the radiator. This hose is a quick release connection and you should be able to insert a screwdriver and unclip the connection red arrow and separate the hose from the radiator